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Discount Movers Are They Worth The Trouble ?

When trying to choose a moving company we all come to that same bright idea ; should I choose a discount mover.

This can be a very costly error if you are not armed with the proper moving tools needed to research a moving company. There are many reputable moving companies available in the United States some 60,000 in fact and for the most part they are honest hard working companies that will provide quality service and moving estimates.

Now to the flip side of that coin, there is a growing community of rouge movers or scam moving companies that have been popping up in the industry and they will be more then happy to separate you from your hard earned money and belongings if your are not diligent in your research. 

First place you should start is the Department Of Transportation to verify the moving company’s license and seek out if they have a history of complaints registered. There are a few websites you can check for moving company reviews that will allow  you to read mover reviews from actual clients , this will help you to better understand the moving company and type of moving service they provide. The BBB is another good source for information on the integrity of a moving company but don’t be fooled, if the company is only in business a short time they may not have many complaints listed and there for may seem to be a good service provider.

Use these moving tips and tricks just remember when it comes to choosing a moving company there is no such thing as to much research DO YOUR HOME WORK ! 

Are They Worth IT


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